If Your Feet Get Cold When You Exercise, This Is Why

Congratulations! You've just finished your cardio and strength routines, and you're feeling good. Your body feels tired but strong all at once. You're humming the last song on your playlist. The sweat is still pouring — but for some reason, your feet are cold. Here could be the reasons why.

It can come as a surprise to feel cold on your feet as the rest of your body increases in temperature. Cold feet is a sensation that can be caused by a number of factors. LiveStrong believes getting cold feet can be caused by something as simple as wearing the wrong shoes for the exercise you're doing, or ill-fitting socks. The nerves in that area become compressed in these situations which results in the restriction of blood flow. This can lead to a cold and numb feeling in your feet. 

Another instance where cold feet can occur is through trauma, says LiveStrong. Accidents like falling down or running into an object during exercise can damage or put pressure on the nerves, and can result in cold feet.

Poor circulation and pre-existing conditions could be to blame

According to Healthline, cold feet during exercise can also be a sign of poor circulation. When blood flow doesn't reach the feet fast enough to keep them warm, the result will be your feet feeling colder than the rest of your body.  Other explanations for cold feet can be that they're a symptom of pre-existing conditions like diabetes or hypothyroidism, explains Healthline. 

While feeling cold on your feet during (or straight after) exercise can be an easily-explained symptom of ill-fitting apparel or a sign of a known existing condition, it should always be taken seriously. If not, you are putting yourself at risk for injury, claims LiveStrong. The reduced sensation can make you unaware of an injury which can worsen with continued exercise. So next time you get cold feet while in the middle of your sweat session, take a moment to find the possible cause, and go easy until you have full sensation in your feet back.