Alexander Ludwig Reveals His Secret To Staying Fit

It's no secret that Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig of Vikings and Hunger Games fame is one fit man. But it's taken a lot to get where is, physically, today. When it comes to working out, he's actually been through a lot. 

Speaking to Men's Health about the preparation involved for his role in Bad Boys for Life, he admitted, "I had to put on about 25 pounds in under two months." Yikes! But you'll never guess who he turned to for advice — Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who he had worked with when he was younger. "If there is anyone to ask about working out or getting big quick [Johnson] is the right person to ask," Ludwig told Variety

And it seems he was right because Johnson replied with a full-on workout plan. "For one of the busiest guys, if not the busiest guy, in Hollywood, how tremendous of him [to do that]," the young star added.

To stay motivated, Alexander Ludwig works out in moderation

His biggest takeaway from the experience? "One thing I've found is that moderation is actually key, and consistency," he revealed to Men's Health. "Back in the day I used to just try to kill myself with these workouts, but now I'm trying to just get to the gym every single day, and maybe one or two days off on the weekends." Sounds sensible enough to us!

For those wondering about his diet, Ludwig admits, "It's not really about what I eat." Speaking to Muscle & Fitness, he explained, "It's more about how much I eat. I'll basically eat six meals a day — three meals and three snacks and just try to be consistent with how many calories I'm taking in for the day," adding, "I try to stay under 2000 calories. Key word being try. It's hard when you love food." We can totally relate.