Why You Should Never Hold On To The Handles While On The Treadmill

Walking or jogging on a treadmill is a great exercise and can help you get rid of belly fat. But you should never hold onto the treadmill or its handles unless you are injured, have a disability, have a balance problem, or suddenly need to catch your balance. You can't keep proper form when holding onto the treadmill, and proper form is essential for preventing strain, pain, or injury (via Verywell Fit). 

Think about how you walk on the sidewalk without a treadmill. You're not holding onto anything, and that's the natural way to walk. Holding onto the treadmill's handles while you walk isn't natural, and it's putting you in an unnatural position. According to Livestrong, you actually lower the number of calories you burn during a treadmill workout when you transfer the load to your upper body from your legs. Moving your arms while you walk is more natural and will help provide you with proper posture. You might have to walk slower when you let go of the handles, but that's okay. You'll get a better workout if you walk slower without holding on than you would if you walked faster and held onto the treadmill handles. You can work up to your old pace.

How to walk on a treadmill

According to Verywell Fit, you should step on the sides of the treadmill before you get started and clip the safety cord to yourself so the treadmill will stop if you fall. Take note of where the emergency stop button is in case you ever need it. Start the treadmill at a slow speed and carefully step onto it and start walking. Increase the speed after you've taken a few steps.

Keep an excellent walking posture with your shoulders back and relaxed and eyes forward. Keep your body straight and avoid leaning forward. Keep your core engaged. Check your posture throughout your walk and correct it as needed. Keep your stride natural and longer in the back so you can push off and get a better speed. Avoid stepping too far forward with the front foot, which can cause you to trip or lose your balance. Your foot in front should hit the treadmill on your heel and then roll through the step, so you're on the front part of your foot by the time you're about to take your next step. Try some of these best workouts to try if you love the treadmill