How Taking Vitamin B12 Helps With Weight Loss

If you've been struggling with weight loss, even while maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise routine, you may want to look into a vitamin B12 deficiency. Research shows that low B12 levels are associated with obesity and being overweight. According to Healthline, additional studies have shown that over a ten-year period, people supplementing with vitamin B12 gained between two-and-a-half to seventeen fewer pounds than those who did not take the vitamin.

According to the Mayo Clinic, supplementing with B12 injections without having a deficiency will not induce weight loss, but is not likely to cause harm either. For those who have a true deficiency, increasing B12 with supplements can help with weight loss as energy levels will rise, promoting an increase in physical activity (per Healthline). A vitamin deficiency may be recognizable by its symptoms, but can only be accurately diagnosed with a blood test performed by your healthcare professional.

Are there any added benefits to taking B12?

Vitamin B12 supports a healthy metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates and converting fats and proteins into energy, according to Healthline. Being deficient in the vitamin can cause many unpleasant and even harmful symptoms such as fatigue, anemia, and dizziness. Treating the deficiency with nutrient-rich foods like clams, buffalo, and nutritional yeast, or supplements such as B12 injections can improve symptoms and boost energy levels, making it easier to be active (per Doctor Oz).

Additional benefits to boosting your B12 include improved memory and cognition, better eyesight, and a healthier nervous system (via MSN). Another advantage of B12 supplementing is the possible prevention of anemia by increasing the production of new red blood cells. Although weight loss may not be a direct result of taking B12, the added benefits can contribute to feeling good in other ways, which can motivate you to eat better and exercise.