Can You Really Get Abs With Plastic Surgery?

We've all noticed the six packs on the beach. And we've all noticed they normally belong to a creature who looks like they live, work, and sleep at the gym. For those of us who stifle a yawn from boredom just thinking about doing sit ups, we know attaining that six pack is almost as unlikely as finding a waterfall in the desert. Thankfully, these modern times offer modern solutions. Enter abdominal etching. Does this new "six pack" procedure in the cosmetic surgery world actually promise a six pack?

Healthline tells us that abdominal etching falls under the liposuction category. But unlike the goal of achieving a slimming effect from traditional liposuction procedures, plastic surgeons focus on carving out fat deposits by using a more precise suction technique, which gives more specific results. This new method allows them to sculpt a more defined six pack around the patient's natural abdominal lines.

Six pack results are not promised to everyone

So is that it? We can just sign up, throw down some money and head to the beach with our newest accessory? Not quite. Men's Health explains that doctors have claimed the surgery is most optimal for people who are already active and healthy eaters, but "have certain resistant areas of fat that hides the desired muscular definition." They go on to recommend that after the surgery, eat healthy and exercise if you want to keep the results. Also worth noting is that abdominal etching doesn't work like a magical wand that produces immediate fitness-model abs. According to Beauty Glimpse, it takes between three to six months to see the final results. This is because etching creates grooves under the skin that won't be filled in until the skin retracts. Like all other liposuction procedures, there is a risk of infection or possible muscle and nerve damage, warns Men's Health.

Does abdominal etching really give six pack abs? It appears so. Though, this is only the case if you are the right candidate, and are okay with waiting three to six months. If so, rest assured that the results of this procedure are permanent. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to define a six pack, make sure you do the necessary research and find a respected plastic surgeon.