Surprising Benefits Of Running In Place

Sometimes you're stuck at work, at a hotel, or somewhere else where you can't get outside or reach a treadmill. You might opt for running in place, also known as stationary jogging. Running in place is your only option, but is it worth it? Does it have the same benefits as running outdoors or on a treadmill

It doesn't have exactly the same benefits as running a distance, but it's similar and still a good cardio workout (via Healthline). You can also incorporate high knees, butt kicks, and jumping jacks for some variation. One benefit of running in place is that you don't need any equipment, don't need to drive to the gym, and don't have to get ready for going outdoors. 

Running in place can help you be more flexible, have better balance and stability, and improve your strength (via Cardio Smash). Your heart rate will go up, helping you burn calories, which could potentially help you lose weight. You'll also improve your heart health, lung health, and blood sugar levels (via Livestrong). Are you a sloucher? You can significantly improve your posture by running in place with an engaged core regularly, according to a 2015 study

Do you want to run barefoot? You can do that when running indoors on a mat! Of course, you can also lace up your running shoes if that's more your style. The point is, you have options.

How to run in place

Even when you're running in place, you should do some stretching before you get started. Then, move to a warm-up, such as walking in place before picking up your speed. Swing your arms while you jog, but keep them at a 90-degree angle. Check in with yourself every minute or so to make sure your back is straight, your core is engaged, your hands are relaxed, your chin is parallel to the floor, and your breathing is steady (via MSN).

One piece of equipment you might want to invest in is a smartwatch so you can monitor your heart rate. Getting your heart rate up is vital for losing weight and getting all the health benefits of a cardio workout. 

You can do a steady jog for up to 30 minutes or longer, depending on your goals and fitness level, or you can do intervals — switching your pace in between jogging and sprinting. Don't forget those high knees, jumping jacks, and butt kicks if you get bored. According to Livestrong, a 150-pound person can burn as much as 286 calories in 30 minutes by doing an exercise involving pumping their legs and arms. When you're done, cool down by slowing to a walk for several minutes until your heart rate comes down and do some more stretches