What Happens When You Drink Hot Water Every Day?

Sipping hot water — plain, with a twist of lemon, or even as an herbal tea — can have some surprising benefits, from improved digestion to smoother skin. While research is still sparse when it comes to the perfect temperature for your glass of water, there are plenty of well-researched benefits of maintaining a steady, optimal hydration status.

On wintery days, a steaming mug of hot water can instantly warm you up from the inside out. You can actually feel the heat spread if you sip hot water after a chilly walk, and your body temperature may even rise by a couple of degrees (via the Wall Street Journal). Some researchers have speculated that this warming effect may even allow muscles to relax more, so hot water after a tough workout may be exactly what you need in order to fully relax and begin the recovery process (via Medical News Today).

You might even find that you're breaking a sweat as you sip, which can also help push toxins out of the body, and clear up skin problems (via Medical News Today).

What are the other benefits of hot water?

Beginning your day with hot water can kickstart your metabolism, registered dietitian Cara Walsh told Reader's Digest. While hot water alone is unlikely to lead to weight loss, it can potentially speed the process — research has found that water in general and potentially hot water specifically can increase metabolism, which leads to more rapid fat-burning (via Medical News Today). 

Hot water may also get your digestive system working faster, which can mean a decrease in bloating in addition to less issues with constipation. "Drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning speeds right through your digestive system to the bowels where it is needed," cardiologist Luiza Petre told Reader's Digest.

Don't let your water get too hot though: Research has found that going over 120 degrees Fahrenheit can cause damage in your mouth and esophagus (via Reader's Digest). And skip the caffeine: the Wall Street Journal notes that caffeine (coffee or tea) in hot water will change the effects of the water, making you more likely to urinate, rather than improving your digestion.