Can Wine Make You Gain Weight?

Let's get right to the answer so you can calm down: Yes, it's possible for wine to cause weight gain, if you drink enough of it. As with all things that can be ingested, the key is moderation. There are so many reasons to love wine, that it can be hard to stomach the fact that the world's sixth-most consumed beverage could be responsible for your growing waistline.

Thankfully, drinking a moderate amount of wine — one glass for women or two glasses for men, per day — shouldn't have much impact on either your health or your weight. Wine does contain calories, of course, but the numbers — between around 100 – 125 per glass — can be part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The problem with wine is that it's so easy to overindulge. Having three, four, or more glasses suddenly brings the calorie count way up, and the bathroom scale is likely to follow.

Wine can cause weight gain, if you drink enough of it.

The calories in alcohol of any kind are considered 'empty' because they're not a significant source of nutrition. Since alcohol calories can't be stored in the body, the body prioritizes metabolizing them over calories from other nutrients like carbohydrates or fats. The liver works hard to convert the alcohol into less-toxic carbon dioxide and water, and get it out of your system (via Wine Folly). Heavy drinking can cause an accumulation of fatty build-up in the liver and bloodstream, and eventual liver damage and scarring known as cirrhosis (via Healthline).

Over-drinking can also cloud judgment, leading to mindless snacking, especially of salty, high-fat treats. Alissa Rumsey, R.D., owner of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness, told Woman's Health Magazine, "While you may be able to realize you are full and stop after one slice of pizza when you are sober, it's harder to read those fullness signals when you've had a few drinks. People often end up eating when they aren't necessarily hungry."

If you notice extra inches on your waistline, it could be because of the extra glasses of wine you've been relaxing with in the evenings, or it might be the extra cheese you've been pairing with that Sauvignon Blanc.