Blame Your Parents If You Have Acne. Here's Why

Being a parent can be rough at times. So much responsibility, family-work life balance, and feeling like you are constantly handing down sentences like a judge. But unfortunately, if your child is dealing with a face, back, or chest full of pimples, then you may be the one receiving the guilty verdict. 

Before you take all the blame, there are of course other guilty parties. Acne can be a result of one or a cocktail of lifestyle choices, product choices, and hormones, according to Verywell Health. All three can be controlled to an extent, but alas, genetics will still be around to make a big red dot on an otherwise perfect patch of skin. According to Healthline, there is no "acne gene" but genetics have been known to influence breakouts. One example of how they come into play is how effectively your genetics have determined how your immune system can suppress Propionibacterium acnes, also known as P. acnes. This is a bacteria that promotes acne.

It's not all bad news if you are a parent or child currently dealing with acne

Per News Medical Life Sciences, a study in the UK of 400 twin pairs found that 81 percent of the cases of acne found were linked to genetic factors. According to Verywell Health, there's also been research that suggests the likelihood of developing acne is greater if your mother has had breakouts during any point of her life. And perhaps there's an even higher chance of acne if both of your parents experienced acne in their adolescence or in adulthood. Healthline explains that while one parent could be responsible for passing down an acne-prone hormonal condition, the other could be sending down acne-causing genetic factors. 

If you are a parent who has experienced acne or are the child of one who is also experiencing breakouts, it's not all bad news. Healthline notes that you can control the other factors that can be responsible for some of your breakouts by being careful with what medications you take, maintaining good hygiene, and opting for a diet sans processed food. You can also make the choice to see a doctor for a consultation prescription-strength acne medication if your breakouts just won't go away.