How Shakira Stays In Such Great Shape Won't Come As A Surprise

The Weeknd may have just headlined the 2021 Superbowl, but people are still talking about Shakira and J.Lo's sparkling half-time performance from last year. In addition to their unique voices and catchy hits, both Shakira, age 44 and Jennifer Lopez, 51, are in the best shape of their lives. So what is Shakira's secret to her contoured and strong body? Yup, you guessed it — her hips don't lie, on and off stage. It turns out dance is a major part of her workout routine (via Marie Clare).

Anna Kaiser, Shakira's long-time trainer, says the superstar starts each six-day workout week with 90 minutes of dance interval training. Kaiser tells Marie Claire, "The focus of this workout is cardio endurance. I want her to push through with few breaks for the entire 90 minutes." It may sound absurd at first, but when you consider Shakira tours all around the world, singing and dancing for hours on end, building up that cardio endurance is crucial. "Dancing," Kaiser tells NBC News, is "a great way to move in a proportionate way, so you don't overdevelop any muscles. You'll look like a long, lean, strong version of you."

She also emphasizes the importance of constantly changing up your workout routine.

Shakira's workouts are constantly evolving

In addition to regular dance training and performance rehearsals, Kaiser cycles Shakira through strength training, swimming, and HIIT circuits ranging from 45 to 60 minutes. On days when the singer's rehearsals last for hours on end, Kaiser keeps her workouts short and targeted. Her philosophy is simple: "You have to go with the flow. Any working mom will tell you every day comes with different challenges, and my job was to be prepared and there to support her in the way she needed to be supported." With that kind of support, it's no surprise Shakira is in such great shape.

As is always the case, a strong exercise regimen alone is not responsible for good overall health, diet plays a big role too. Shakira adheres to a well-balanced diet consisting of several small meals and increased protein intake. In the lead up to the halftime performance, she even cut sugar and dairy from her diet for a little additional boost.

So if you've grown tired of your same old repetitive workout routine, take a page from Shakira's book and dance it out. Who knows — maybe in addition to a strong and lean physique, you'll be able to crush it on the dance floor.