The Right Way To Do Jumping Lunges

If you've been working out for a while, doing the same exercises can get a little dull. That's why it's great that there are variations available on most exercises that can not only freshen up a routine, but challenge new muscles.

The jumping lunge is one of these options. It's a slightly more advanced move than the standing lunge because it requires some degree of balance, but it's a good way to work some cardio into your workout as well. When done with proper form, jumping lunges work your entire lower body, including glutes, quads and hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves (via VeryWellFit). They also require a strong, stable core so you'll get a bit of an ab workout in.

To perform a jumping lunge, first be sure you can perform a basic lunge, according to SELF. Start in a standing position with one foot in front of the other. Bend the knees so that one knee is beneath you and the other at an angle in front of you. Next try moving to a walking lunge, where you take step after step while staying in the lunge position (via Healthline). Also consider performing some squat jumps to warm up your lower body muscles.

Progressing to the jumping lunge

Once you're comfortable that you can balance through a walking lunge, it's time to add in the jump. To perform this move, you're going to remain in one place and explosively drive your body upward while you switch the position of your legs.

First sink into a lunge position with one leg forward. Next, push your body straight up until your legs are fully extended and feet leave the ground. While in the air, switch the position of your feet, so the one that was in front is now in back, and vice versa. Land softly, with slightly bent knees and feet fully in contact with the floor.

Throughout the jump and lunge motions maintain a tight core to help with balance. You can place hands on your hips, or alternate them with the position of your legs to help with stability. Watch out for the potential for injury that can come from extending your knee too far over your front toe when you land, or landing on your toes.

Practice the jump lunge slowly and with concentration while you develop balance and strength. Soon enough you'll be flying high.