Try This If You Want To Cut Carbs Without Going Keto

The keto diet continues to rise in popularity as celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian praise its weight loss and energy boosting benefits. While still a hot trend, the keto diet remains controversial due to the potential negative effects it can have on one's cardiovascular system, athletic performance, and decrease in muscle mass (via Still, it is an intriguing prospect for those looking to switch up their diets or for people who may feel stuck in a scale rut.

Restricting your daily carb intake may seem extreme or unattainable, but there are ways you can cut your carb count without going full keto. According to nutritionist Wendy Bazilian, the best way to begin any diet is by cutting processed foods (via Insider). Bazilian tells Insider, "in a keto-style eating pattern ... I would start limiting the ultra-processed foods, bakery goods, 'indulgent' carbs (donuts, cookies, cake), look at added sugars and focus on limiting those." 

According to LIVESTRONGthis is a great way to induce weight loss as well as improve your overall health. Diets containing too much sugar can contribute to obesity and have been linked to medical conditions, such as heart disease (per News in Health).

Cutting carbs from other sources

Once you have successfully cut processed sweets from your diet, you can move on to breads, grains, and starchy vegetables, like potatoes. Alyssa Pike, RD, manager of nutrition communications for the International Food Information Council tells Insider that the true keto diet requires an elimination of most carbs, including fruits and even some vegetables, which can be a challenging way to live. Bazilian shares that she would not recommend cutting all fruits and vegetables, as some, like blueberries, are lower in sugar and contain nutritional benefits.

As you cut carbs out, you will find yourself replacing them with other micronutrients such as fats and proteins. Bazilian tells Insider it's important to choose more high quality, nutrient dense options such as heart healthy fats and plant based proteins. Pike mentions that eating more plant-based proteins can help keep cholesterol levels healthy while maintaining lean muscle mass.

According to Verywell Fit, cutting carbs in small doses over time can help you ease into a healthier eating pattern without the unwanted keto side effects, such as brain fog or the keto flu, and can help you sustain a healthier way of eating.