The Workout That Keeps Bachelor Star Matt James So Ripped

The Bachelor's Matt James is a busy man! Looking for love is definitely time-consuming, especially when it is being filmed for the entire nation to view. Sure, James originally made headlines when the announcement came that he was the first Black bachelor in the 25 season series, states NBC. But these days, the captions are more centered around his six-pack. Here's how the newest man with a rose (and hopefully a ring) stays in shape.

James appears to be a lover of the great outdoors and doesn't need a gym membership to keep his admirable physique. In a recent post, he shares on his Instagram his clearly defined muscles and the admission that he squeezes in a workout whenever he gets a chance while filming for the show. "Bach Pro Tip #457: You get roughly 5 minutes to knock out as many push-ups as possible before the shirt comes off," he claims.

James has been in top shape for many years

Luckily for James, he didn't have to do much to be "shirtless on TV ready" fit after being cast as the newest Bachelor. He's stayed in top shape for many years and is a former college athlete who Oprah Mag shares can run a mile in just over 6 minutes. And it's likely easier for him to find the motivation to stay in shape when he is living with a built-in workout buddy. His good friend and Bachelor Nation fan-favorite, Tyler Cameron, is his roommate in the Sunshine State. And according to DUK News, the duo enjoys teaming up for runs outside.

James's love for the outdoors isn't just saved for dry land. His Instagram shows that along with playing football and basketball, he also enjoys surfing. In a video of him catching a wave he captions, "Do what you love." The final rose has yet to be handed out on James' season of The Bachelor. We can only hope the lady he chooses also likes to break a sweat in the sunshine.