Health Benefits Of Air Fryers You Might Not Know

Air fryers are quickly rising in popularity. With a growing presence on social media sites like Pinterest and TikTok, you may be I need one of these in my life? With a wide range in recipes from chicken wings and asparagus to fried Oreos and donuts, the air fryer can whip up almost any food, and — using little to no oil — it's a culinary game changer. 

Air fryers, while having the ability to prepare fried-like foods, do not actually fry the food. Rather, the small appliance cooks the food by forcing hot air around it, which produces a crispy and browned exterior (via Spruce Eats). By eliminating the deep frying part of frying, you are essentially minimizing your fat content by up to 75%. Deep fryers use 50 times more oil than an air fryer, which only require one tablespoon (per Healthline). 

Consuming fat from vegetable oil has been associated with an array of medical conditions. Studies show an intake of excess oils can increase the risk for heart disease, while other research shows a link to increased inflammation (via Medical News Today). By using an air fryer as opposed to a deep fryer, you are cutting down on your fat intake — which may aid in reducing your risk for some chronic diseases.

Air frying your food may reduce risk of certain health conditions

When high-carb food is fried in oils at extremely hot temperatures, it can cause acrylamide, a "probable carcinogen," to develop. Some research has shown a link between consuming acrylamide and an increased risk of certain cancers. A 2015 study indicates that using an air fryer can decrease the risk of acrylamide production in your foods, minimizing the amount you ingest.

Another perk of using an air fryer is possible weight loss. According to Healthline, real fried food is higher in fat and calories, as opposed to air fried food. Weight loss specialist Dr. Caroline Cederquist tells Women's Health that she suggests air fryer cooking to her clients to cut calories, especially for vegetables (like cauliflower and broccoli) and for French fries.

Swapping your deep fryer for an air fryer can reduce your intake of calories and fats. Combined with choosing healthier food options like vegetables and lean proteins, you might even improve your overall health.