How Relationship Status Could Have An Effect On Men's Testosterone

That men are ready and wanting to have sex on any given day at any given time is a popular assumption, but let's pump the brakes on that myth, and get at the truth. WebMD states that while men generally have a more active libido than women, various factors can affect their desire as well. Surprisingly, a man's relationship status could be a link to both his testosterone levels and how often he is game to roll around in the sheets.

It doesn't just boil down to "single" or "taken." According to HCP Live, authors of a 2015 study claim that a man in a relationship that is less than a year old has the same levels of "single man" testosterone. "The similarity in levels of testosterone between men in new relationships and single men suggests that men in new relationships are still in a physiological state that aids competition with other men for access to potential mates," the authors share.

What about men in long-term relationships?

"Hot-off-the-market" and single men scored similarly in testosterone levels. But what about the guys that are currently in the "take-out sushi and sweatpants on the couch with their partners" phase? HCP Live reports that the men who have been in a relationship longer than a year had significantly lower levels of testosterone. Before you attached ladies start believing your relationship has lost its sizzle, think about what you may have gained instead. Peter Ellison, professor of anthropology explains to The Harvard Gazette, "Lower levels of testosterone may increase the likelihood that men will stay home and care for their wives and kids, while decreasing the likelihood they will go out drinking with the guys and chase other women," he says. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, male testosterone levels can also be affected by chronic illness, alcohol abuse, sleep apnea, age, and medications. We now know that relationship status has something to say about a man's testosterone levels, but it would be inaccurate to gauge their sex-drive only by their partner status. As with most things in life, and between the sheets, it's complicated.