If You Sleep On Your Side, This Is What Happens To Your Body

When it comes to getting a good night's rest, nothing is worse than tossing and turning for hours because you're unable to get comfortable. In a sleep-research survey conducted by Best Mattress Brand, it was found that the majority of Americans prefer to sleep on their side in the fetal position. Other popular results included being stretched out on one's back, on the stomach, or even curled up in a ball. It turns out, sleeping on your side is not only the most common choice, but also most recommended by experts, for reaping an assortment of health benefits while catching some Z's.

When positioned correctly, side sleepers may experience increased gut health, according to Medical News Today. When in a side position, gravity is able to assist the stomach in digestion by helping move waste matter more efficiently through the intestines. In addition to improving the digestive system, sleeping on one's side has also shown to improve the neural system.

Side-sleeping has health benefits, and informs personality types

Just as our organs work to rid our bodies of potentially harmful toxins, similarly, our brains work to rid our body of brain waste. A study conducted by Stony Brook University found that sleeping laterally more effectively clears potentially harmful brain proteins than other sleeping positions (via Science Daily). Knowing this, side sleepers may be further protected against neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's.

The detail of whether one prefers to sleep on their left or right side can provide insight into our dreams. Studies have indicated that those who sleep on their right side have fewer nightmares than those who sleep on their left side (via Everyday Health). In addition, side-sleeping may inform, or result from, one's personality. The Better Mattress Brand survey found that over 63 percent of individuals who prefer curled-up side sleeping positions were more introverted than extroverted.

With proper mattress and pillow support, sleeping on one's side not only proves to be the most comfortable of nighttime positions, but potentially also the healthiest. By simply turning over in preparation for sleep, we can aid our bodies in numerous ways, while dreaming soundly all night long.