Why Jared Padalecki Had To Change His Workout Routine

Actor Jared Padalecki has a new "passion project" in the works. He's both producing and starring in the reboot of the 90s TV series Walker, Texas Ranger, now appropriately titled Walker. It is a remake, although Padalecki tells Variety the newest version of the show will be, "Less about what goes through somebody's fists and feet, and more about what goes through somebody's head and heart." He may not have to be in fighting shape for his current role, but it appears he's still keeping his defined muscles and lean frame a priority.

As an actor, Padalecki has had to change his physique in order to play a character. Health-Yogi claims that in order to play his role as Sam Winchester in Supernatural, he had to gain around 77 to 83 pounds. That's no easy task! Especially when the kind of weight he put on wasn't attained from indulging in donuts while reclining on a La-Z-Boy. Apparently Padalecki sought out the help of a professional world champion in the bench press.

The actor is more focused on recovery then building muscle

These days the actor is back down to his less super, more natural form and doesn't have to travel far (or at all) for his workout routine. In an interview with Men's Health, Padalecki gives the magazine a tour of his home, which includes a well-equipped home gym. But with his brawny, jacked days behind him, he has changed up the way he hits the gym. "I had shoulder surgery about six years ago," he shares. "And so my mechanics aren't the same as they used to be. Grabbing a classic barbell and doing bench press and rows just works differently." He goes on to add that he prefers dumbbells to workouts with free weights now. And for recovery, "I use my infrared sauna," he says.

Padalecki sure seems like a committed actor when his workout routines reflect his current roles. With Winchester in his past, there is now space for Walker and his softer, (yet still, admittedly ripped) side to take the stage.