How WandaVision's Paul Bettany Really Got Ripped

The first season of WandaVision may have wrapped, but that doesn't mean people are ready to move on from Wanda's story. Or, it turns out, from Paul Bettany's Vision. The Internet wants to know why an android looks so good in sweater vests. Or flare-cut suits. Or the bodysuit used in the Halloween episode.

Stars like Chris Hemsworth and Tyler Hoechlin have gone public with the work they put in to pull off their superhero bodies. And most people expected Bettany to do the same. But it turns out that his secret has a lot less to do with a trainer than with a tailor.

"About 42 inches of it is my chest, and about eight inches just isn't," Bettany revealed in an interview with Stephen Colbert. Bettany went on to insist that the added eight inches weren't digitally added but were in fact the result of a muscle suit.

Of course Bettany was also quick to point out that he couldn't slouch on his usual training or his dietary habits. It's something he talked about back in January as well during an interview with Men's Health.

"I don't know about you, but when we went into lockdown, all I wanted to do was eat cheese and drink beer," the actor lamented. Since Bettany wasn't sure when the cast would be getting back to work, he had to stay vigilant. And although they gave him a chest-maxing muscle suit, Bettany had to be careful about his waistline.

" There's nothing on your stomach, right? So the game's up if they can see that there's a portly cheese and beer belly."

What About His Workout?

So how did Bettany avoid the "cheese and beer belly? He hasn't given workout details recently, but a 2010 interview he gave when he starred in Legion (originally in Men's Health UK but republished on Motley Health) might hold clues.

Bettany went for a lean, muscled look in his role as Michael. Hood made sure that happened with a circuit routine that focused first on core strength and then on weights. This meant starting Bettany out with a core routine designed to work the abs almost to exhaustion, leaving enough strength for core stability during the weight circuits. Hood favored exercises like planks, V-sit ups, cable crunches, and hanging knee raises. Double crunches would also be an excellent addition to this sort of core workout.

Three circuit rounds follow the ab exercises. Hood's formula required 15 reps of each exercise with little rest between one set and another. A two-minute cool down separated each circuit, during which Bettany would skip rope to keep his body moving while he took a short breather.

Some of the exercises included lunges, clean and press (a favorite of Don Saladino's as well, according to Sebastian Stan), bench flys, and barbell curls. Hood didn't seem choosy about which order the exercises were done, so long as Bettany stayed focused and engaged with the workout.

Muscle suit or not, Bettany has clearly been putting in the work for his superhero physique. And fans everywhere are excited to see where it takes him next as White Vision sweeps into the MCU.