The Real Reason We Have A Cupid's Bow

Have you ever wondered why we have a Cupid's bow? To clarify, we're not talking about the miniature bow and arrow the chubby, ancient, Roman god of love flies around with. Healthline shares that our Cupid's bow is the name for the distinctive shape of our upper lips — more specifically, the center of the upper lip. The area could be referred to as a Cupid's bow because it is what gives the lips their heart shape, or because if you looked at the lips vertically, they would form the shape of an actual bow. There are theories surrounding the origin of the cute name, but here is the real reason we have one.

While some people have a Cupid's bow that is more pronounced (hello Taylor Swift!) others don't appear to have one at all. Nature Wellness tells us that our Cupid's bow is a part of our philtrum — the indent in your skin that starts on the bottom in of your nose in the center and ends at the dip in your cupid's bow. This is where opinions start to differ.

The cupid's bow lacks research to prove it has a function

Floyd Aronyosi, Assistant Professor at Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, tells Nature Wellness that the Cupid's bow doesn't have a function. "For humans, it's the location where two growth planes meet," he says. "That's all...The philtrum is simply the spot where the left half of the face meets the right half." And while Healthline agrees there is no research to suggest otherwise, some have developed theories that suggest the Cupid's bow gives our lips more range of motion to express and increase non-verbal communication.

While there may be not enough research to prove a specific scientific purpose for the Cupid's bow, it appears that doesn't stop the masses from wanting it to be more defined. Facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva reveals to Insider that a heavily-defined Cupid's bow is the most asked-for feature surrounding the lips. If this is true, then it could be argued that a Cupid's bow's function is to help "shoot an arrow" towards a desired mate.