Why You Should Think Twice Before Eating In Your Bed

Being served breakfast in bed or having a midnight picnic in pajamas may sound pretty cozy. But really, it might be best if this idea was saved for the rom-coms. After all, romantic comedies do a great job of never showing the mess that needs to be cleared away after, the giant juice stain, or the army of ants that swarm in to take care of the forgotten crumbs.

We understand the attraction of eating between the sheets, but it could be disturbing your sleep health. After a long and tiring day, your bed is likely the most comfortable spot in your house and according to Chron, 64 percent of U.S households have a TV in the bedroom. Bringing the popcorn and snacks into your bed to settle in for a night of binge watching may sound like the best way to unwind, but it could be getting in the way of a good night's sleep. E Times notes that habits like eating and watching TV in bed may encourage your mind into thinking you're not in the right place for a tranquil night's sleep. So for overall better sleep, you may want to keep the snacks zoned to the sofa.

You may be unknowingly inviting pests into your bedroom

Another important factor to consider is unwanted guests. If you typically eat breakfast while getting ready, be forewarned. Your morning munching is likely to leave crumbs. And as stated by The Guardian, eating in bed can attract bugs. Even if you thought you cleaned up, those unnoticed crumbs that have fallen onto your sheets make your bed an ideal feeding ground for pests like ants, flies, and the always cringe-worthy cockroaches.

Another reason to rethink bringing the after-hours pizza into bed is because of digestion. Gastroenterologist Anish Sheth, M.D., tells The Healthy that bed-eating likely happens when your posture is hunched over, which isn't ideal for your stomach. It can lead to excess burping, and if that pizza is ingested right before lying down, then the chances you'll experience a painful bout of acid reflux have just increased.

If you are one that loves eating between the comfort of your sheets, or at least enjoys daydreaming about it, don't be distressed. Eating in bed shouldn't get in the way of your sleep or digestion health if it is saved for a few special occasions. Perhaps just lay down a large napkin first to help with crumb clean up after the main event.