How Running Might Be Able To Give You A Bigger Butt

If a rounder backside is what you're after, then you may want to lace up your shoes, fire up your favorite playlist, and head outside for a run. We know it may sound surprising to many. After all, how can a cardio activity that promotes slimming down help us achieve a more robust behind? But it is possible. According to Livestrong, hitting the pavement does not equal a guaranteed bigger butt. You have to factor in your diet, genetic tendencies, and the type of running you do as well.

Todd Buckingham, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at Mary Free Bed Sports Rehabilitation Performance Lab breaks down to Healthline what type of running will likely lead to a bigger butt. "Running builds muscle, but not in the way we traditionally think about building muscle," he says. Buckingham goes on to explain that sprinting often will likely result in a bigger backside due to the type of muscle fiber used to make the more explosive movements — and because your glutes are highly employed while sprinting.

Hill running is also a type of running that will likely give you an extra oomph in your caboose. Running uphill requires all three large paired muscles in the buttocks to become heavily activated. And sure, running uphill is mostly considered a cardio workout. But it also combines strength training as it requires more power to push off the ground than a flat run would.

It's not just about the type of running you do

Running may help you grow your glutes, but it demands the help of your diet. Runners need nutrients, both for their endurance and for their recovery. It would be difficult to help grow your backside if you weren't giving your body enough proper nutrients to help your exhausted muscles grow. Healthline claims a few healthy booty-growing foods are: salmon, eggs, brown rice, protein shakes, and avocados. Unhealthy options like donuts may also help grow your backside, but the type of nutrients found in the scrumptious fried dough will likely grow your frontside as well. 

Unfortunately, no matter what you eat or how many hill runs you achieve, if your genetics programmed you to have a flat behind, then it may just have to stay that way. Issa tells us that while diet and exercise can play a large role in our shape, having a flatter backside could be pre-determined in our genetic code.

Don't let the idea of a forever flat booty dissuade you from taking that run. There are plenty of healthy benefits running can give you, including stress relief, strengthening your cardiovascular system, and toning your legs. Sure, the run may help in getting a bigger butt, but it's guaranteed to make a positive impact on your overall health and wellness!