Tom Cruise Says This Is The Fitness Secret That Keeps Him Staying Young

Tom Cruise has been a leading man in Hollywood for decadesIMDB shows that as he reaches his 40th anniversary in the biz, signs for slowing down are nowhere in sight. Cruise is currently working on not one, but two Mission Impossible films for the blockbuster franchise. His character, Ethan Hunt, is out to take down the bad guys once again and has to be in tip-top shape to do so. Here's how this 59-year old is staying young both for his character and himself.

Cruise may have access to a plethora of resources when it comes to staying in shape. But his excess of options doesn't mean he will consume an excess of calories. The Jacked Gorilla shares that the 5'7" actor took a tip from his buddy David Beckham and limits the amount of calories he eats to only 1200 calories per day. He tends to keep it low-carb and instead consumes vegetables, lean meats, and eggs.

Cruise's diet may be what's keeping him blending in with men who are decades younger than himself. Carbs generate insulin — an aging hormone, nutritional scientist Dr. Paul Clayton says to Men's Health. He explains, "They become glucose molecules in the body, damaging muscle and skin tissues, which causes aging."

A varied workout helps him appear younger

Cruise's diet appears to be clean and minimal. Now what about his fitness? Men's Journal shares that the actor is impressively known for doing many of his own stunts. And just like his character Ethan Hunt, the star's exercise regime appears to be all over the map. According to The Jacked Gorilla, Cruise credits a variety of activities to how he stays young. "Sea-kayaking, caving... fencing, treadmill, weights... rock-climbing, hiking... I jog... I do so many different activities," he says.

We know variation in exercise is excellent for targeting different muscles and for getting a well-rounded workout. But there is another reason as to why it could help us give off a more youthful appearance. Anne Elliott, a sports scientist at Middlesex University, tells Men's Health how switching up your workout routines could make you appear younger. "Regularly switching up cardio and strength work with something like fencing or climbing — like Cruise — maintains flexibility and balance: the first two things that give your age away."

We'll leave it up to Ethan Hunt to save the world yet again with his death-defying stunts. But we'll definitely take a tip from his youthful energy and prioritize our balance and flexibility.