What Keeps Tyler Hoechlin So Fit To Play Superman

Whether he's playing an Alpha werewolf or the Man of Steel, there is no denying that there is something magnetic about Tyler Hoechlin. He brings everything to the table when he gets in front of the camera. And he was just as candid when speaking to Men's Journal earlier this month.

Hoechlin was asked about his role as Superman and not just from an actor's perspective — though Hoechlin had plenty to say about that as well. For the most part, however, both the interviewer and Hoechlin focused on the physique that has set Superman apart from other heroes for decades. Broad shoulders, strong arms, and a thick chest are almost as much his calling card as the red cape and blue jumpsuit. But Hoechlin took a slightly different approach than most big screen superheroes.

In his interview, Hoechlin talked about how much people choose to pack on muscle and then "lean down". This means packing on a ton of muscle and then decreasing the amount of body fat, resulting in a more "cut" physique (according to Men's Fitness). Hoechlin prefers to lean down and then add muscle on, citing his training experience as a long-time baseball player.

Hoechlin gets specific on his fitness routine

When asked specifically about Superman's unmistakable broad chest, Hoechlin had his answers ready.

"I can't overstate how important the incline chest press is to the regime," he told Men's Journal. He goes on to say the flat chest presses on a bench are fine, but the incline press is the best option out there. Don Saladino, trainer for celebrities like Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynolds, tends to agree and includes it in his own chest routine as well.

Unfortunately, Hocechlin's baseball career left him with more than training knowledge.

"I have some injuries from my days playing baseball, so I can't really do traditional cardio like running on the treadmill," he explained.

Instead, Hoechlin prefers HIIT workouts. He focuses on one muscle group a day and runs a HIIT routine for each so he gets in his cardio without aggravating old injuries. The first two days are chest/triceps when he goes for that incline press along with delt raises, followed by back and biceps (which usually involves rows, lat pulls, and deadlifts). Day three is leg day and though Hoechlin didn't go into detail, there's no doubt it's as intense as the other two days.

Hoechlin is focused on looking powerful, though that doesn't always translate into packing on a ton of muscle.

"This projection of strength. I wanted to look strong, but I also had to keep in mind he's the Man of Steel. He isn't the largest man in the world, or the bulkiest man in the world," Hoechlin said. And with a training routine like this, he definitely hit the mark.