Wraps Vs Sliced Bread: Which One Is Better For You?

Many of us have ditched the bread for a wrap to escape the unhealthy carbs — but you may want to read this before you sack the sandwich for good. Looks are deceiving, and those flat wraps can pack as much calories and carbohydrates as your favorite sandwich bread.

Wraps with the fillings included contain at least 267 calories on the low end. However, on the high-end, they can contain up to 1,000 calories (comparable to pizza), according to Shape. Researchers found the average tortilla wrap has 149 calories alone — right there with white bread, which had 158 calories for two slices.

Bread is made from a grain like wheat or corn, just as a tortilla is, so their nutrients are similar. But wraps can also contain hydrogenated oil, which is high in trans fats, as well as more sodium than bread (via Healthline). 

Also, don't be fooled by the vegetable wraps — the main ingredient is still typically white flour, meaning the calories are just hidden behind the more colorful option.

Tricks to avoid when selecting wraps or bread

The other trick many fall for is the size of the wrap. Since you can fit more into this flat bread alternative, people naturally stuff wraps with more of that delicious goodness. Without even realizing it, you have a wrap that is double the size of a typical sandwich — and that means more calories and carbs.

So which is better for you, wraps or sliced bread? It really depends. As mentioned above, wraps and bread have similar nutritional profiles, so it is important to keep wraps appropriately filled with healthy options. Your selection of bread matters, too. Whole wheat bread contains nutritious benefits even though it may have more calories than its whole wheat wrap counterpart, according to Livestrong.

In general, whole grain options for bread and wraps will provide the most nutrients, despite calories and carbs. If you're a wrap-lover, here are some suggestions to keep it healthy. Stick with lean meat and cheeses, lots of vegetables, and be mindful of your condiments.

No matter what you end up choosing, both wraps and sandwiches can be a nutritious addition to a well-rounded diet.