This Is What Happens When You Switch From Coffee To Tea

Whether you've decided to take a break from coffee permanently or are just switching to tea temporarily, you can expect a few changes to happen as you go from coffee mug to tea cup. How your body reacts largely depends on what kind of tea you're switching to, since some varieties will keep your caffeine habit steady while other options will lower your caffeine intake considerably or cause you to ditch it altogether. Here's what you can expect:

Benefits could include whiter teeth if you swap out coffee for green or white tea, improved sleep, better hydration, and even lowered nerves or irritability — it's amazing what impact caffeine can have on our systems without us even noticing (via Reader's Digest).

If you drink coffee with sugar and milk, but sip your tea with no additives, you could also be saving yourself some calories in the process. One coffee lover-turned-tea drinker reported clearer skin from cutting out dairy and staying hydrated by sipping on non-caffeinated hot water (via Business Insider). You may also save cash: Swapping to a tea habit versus shelling out for fancy coffee (or even fancy coffee beans if you're a coffee lover with a snazzy at-home setup) can save you a few dollars every day.

How do you make the switch from coffee to tea?

For caffeine lovers who are looking to make the switch to a tea that provides a slower, steadier drip of caffeine, consider swapping to a Yerba Mate: Unlike the jitters that some coffee drinkers experience from the caffeine in their cups, a Yerba Mate caffeine buzz will happen much more gradually. If you're hoping to kick a coffee habit but crave that bitter taste, though, you might prefer the taste of the lower in caffeine Shou Pu-erh tea or a roasted Oolong tea (via

The one down side to making the switch, other than giving up the taste of coffee? You may deal with some caffeine withdraw symptoms like headaches for the first few days, so consider making a slower shift by substituting one cup of coffee for tea, waiting a few days, then decreasing your coffee intake further until you're entirely tea-based (via the Cleveland Clinic).