Read This Before Trying Out BetterHelp

As the on-going pandemic carries on into its second year, some of us are noticing we need to make our mental health more of a priority (good for you!). That means many of us are turning to therapists for assistance. Just as working from your couch in sweatpants has become the new normal, you can also settle into your cushions and talk to your therapist with the help of the BetterHelp app. BetterHelp is currently the largest online teletherapy app and offers therapy sessions at your convenience.

Some may be skeptical having never met the person face-to-face they are supposed to be sharing sensitive topics with, and that's understandable. But according to Inner Body Research, the application process for therapists applying to work through BetterHelp is thoroughly rigorous. Therapists must be licensed professionals with at least three years under their belts and a minimum of 1,000 hours of experience. Currently, there are over 7,800 licensed therapists working with the app. If they're not a fit, you're also able to request a new therapist at any time.

Consider your budget and be ready to fill out a questionnaire

Therapy is definitely an expense. As stated by Open Counselling, a month long subscription to the app has a $320 dollar a month fee. It may be hard to have the cost covered by your insurance, but you can apply for financial aid through the app. It is important to note, however, that this assistance is not guaranteed and is based largely on your income and other financial restraints.

How can you ensure your money spent will be with right therapist for your concerns? It turns out the app will wade through the choices for you. The BetterHelp website shares that after signing up, you are presented with a questionnaire that will help them match you with a therapist specialized for your needs. Unfortunately, even if you are paired with your ideal therapist, they are not allowed to prescribe medications you may be needing to improve your mental health.

It appears BetterHelp has made it possible to make your own couch your therapist's couch! The app is convenient and has made an effort to be more affordable — though the drawback of not being fully covered by insurance and the therapist's inability to prescribe prescription drugs are a few negatives worth considering before signing up. But despite the drawbacks, looking out for your mental health is always encouraged. And having a therapy session in the comfort of your own home is a good option to have.