The Real Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Is black seed oil new on the health scene? This herb, once found in King Tut's tomb, was harnessed in ancient medicine and has made a modern appearance in America. Quiet as kept, black seed oil, also known as black cumin or black caraway is a healing agent used all over the world. 

Made from the cumin seeds of the plant Nigella sativa, black seed oil is native to Africa and southwest Asia (via Herbal Gram). Most benefits have remained unexplored by modern medicine. However, WebMD writes that the oil is helpful in easing breast pain and even lowering blood pressure. However, further studies are needed to prove the efficacy of its long-term use.

This herb can be taken in capsule form (like a vitamin), applied as an oil, ground to powder for tea, or used in spicy dishes for its strong, bitter flavor. Uses of black cumin range from medicinal and nutritional, to yes, even topical. It can be applied to the scalp and hair to treat chronic dryness. Black seed oil is also used on the skin to treat psoriasis and acne (via Verywell Health).

A non-traditional medicinal

Filled with antioxidants, black caraway has been shown to reduce inflammation. When taken in oil form, black seed treated symptoms of asthma by "relaxing muscles in the airway" (via Healthline). The intrinsic chemical thymoquinone is additionally noted to improve fertility in men, increase memory, attention, and cognition. According to Healthline, people that used black seed oil over nine weeks also lost weight, reduced LDLs, and total cholesterol levels.

Incredibly, black cumin may be stronger than antibiotics in fighting illnesses. Certain strains of bacteria resist antibiotics, but black seed packs a more powerful punch. Reviews of Middle Eastern research studies show black seed oil restrained "superbugs" that cause major illnesses, like GBS, which can affect newborns after birth. The review authors of ResearchGate explained, "Out of 144 strains tested, most of which were resistant to a number of antibiotics, 97 were inhibited by the oil of black cumin."

Natural healing awaits us when we tap into the power of nature. The oil, made from ground seeds of Nigella sativa, has been used to fend off infections, provide relief from pain, heal skin issues, and abate inflammation. Further studies are needed to understand the effects of long-term use, and as with any supplement, talk with a health professional before taking black seed oil.