Tiffany Nicole

Cincinnati, OH
Health News, Health Blogging, Recipe Copywriting
  • Tiffany is a multi-talented author. To date she's published two books with a focus on de-stigmatizing transparency and spiritual healing. Her works have been featured by Books-A-Million, Amazon, and Spoken Black Girl Magazine.
  • Tiffany holds a Food and Health training certification from Stanford and a diploma in Nutrition from Fabulous Body Inc.
  • She is also currently pursuing a Holistic Nutrition certification from AFPA Fitness.


Tiffany always had a passion for helping others heal. She embarked on her personal journey to achieve inner health in 2017, which sparked her interest in learning how the body responds to specific foods. She has proven successful in creating digital content for start-ups, podcast launch campaigns, women’s advocacy work and customizing graphic design. But her lifelong passion project is elevating the consciousness of peoples from the African Diaspora through nutrition. After this realization, she began utilizing social media in 2020 to share nutrition tips. When the demand for this knowledge expanded, in 2021 she created Organic Sol, a YouTube vlog focused on simplifying nutrition and teaching others to shift their lifestyles and prevent disease.


The astounding truth is that Tiffany obtained her knowledge of nutrition and wellness through life experiences, without a formal education in the field. Her proficiency continues to expand through her pursuit of focused certification programs.
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