Lamb Versus Beef: Which Is Best?

Calling all meat-eaters and flexitarians. Join us in the great debate between eating sheep versus beef. Maybe you haven't tried lamb or aren't a fan of ribs. All things being equal, there's no question that eating red meat comes with pros and cons, but does one selection trump the other? 

It's important to note that what we eat is more like choosing a dietary direction than just a menu choice. All foods provide us with specific nutrients. Therefore what we eat directly affects our health. First, let's dive into the benefits of each type of meat. Lamb and beef are both referenced as "high-quality protein" by nutrition experts at Healthline. Moreover, each meat has ruminant fats, which are not considered unhealthy, unlike most trans fats. Both kinds of flesh seem to be rich in vitamins and minerals like B12, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Lamb holds creatine and beta-alanine, two elements that help us preserve and build muscle. Holy cow! Did you know cow's meat has more iron than chicken and fish? The name "beef" alone is synonymous with muscularity, and for good reason. The protein found in beef also helps support injury recovery. Now that we've covered the best qualities of each, let's look at the risks to determine which is optimal.

To beef, or not to beef?

To be well-informed, we must see both sides of the spectrum. According to Medline Plus, tapeworm parasites can be found in the undercooked meat of infected cattle. Think twice before ordering your steak rare. Moreover, WebMD confirms that meat-eaters experienced a negative effect on their heart health from gut bacteria caused by red meat. Experts directly correlated these bacteria to clogged arteries and higher stroke risk. No matter the cut, beef tends to get a "bad wrap". Additionally, beef-based cured deli meats often carry excess saturated fat and salt

However, Cafe Evergreen confirms that lamb is quite abundant in omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce heart disease risk. Experts at WebMD say lamb, in moderation, may help reduce body mass with natural acids. Thus, enjoying a grilled lamb burger every now and then may not put on any extra pounds.

Protein is a staple in the American diet. If you're looking for top-tier animal protein, go for the farmer's best grass-fed lamb. Lamb's meat has healthier fats with similar protein, vitamins, and minerals compared to beef. Next time you're craving red meat at dinner, ask for lamb chops. Remember, for good health, either option must be enjoyed in moderation.