Are Goat Milk Products Good For Your Skin?

Goat milk: It sounds like it belongs on a grocery list rather than in a skincare regimen. Goat milk soap is not new, but it's resurfacing in the form of skin cleansing. If you often scan the soap aisle for "paraben-free," we may have just the answer for you.

The first soap-like substance was discovered dating back to around 2,800 BC (via Pioneer Thinking). Early versions of soap were made with oils and salts to soothe rashes. Before it was used as a topical cleanser, ancient Egyptians cured diseases with soap, but experts aren't clear on when goat's milk was first introduced as an ingredient.

Goat milk is a gentle, chemical-free exfoliant. Who doesn't love a good lather that leaves skin soft and glowy? Make it all-natural and you, my friend, have found a cosmetic miracle. The skin is the body's largest organ, meaning its preservation should be a priority in self-care. Brambles Bend Farms, a Tennesseean soap company, notes that goat's milk is the perfect soothing cleanser for dry or sensitive skin. Using natural skincare products made of goat's milk restores our skin's pH level (via Brambles Bend Farms). Goat's milk is widely known to prevent acne, reduce wrinkles and heal inflammation. Moisturizers with this essential ingredient can ease eczema symptoms and even complexions. Healthline claims that the vitamins in goat's milk work wonders on the skin. 

The key to flawless skin

When shopping for soaps, always consider additional ingredients. Goat milk is less allergenic compared to other animal-based products. However, if your skin is super sensitive, select an unscented option first. Though it's pretty unlikely, River Allergy says you'll notice a red rash, burning sensation, and cracked skin if you're allergic to any of the soap's ingredients. Consequently, the soothing soaps and moisturizers that may alleviate these symptoms are most likely to have goat milk in them. Healthline ascribes the high lipid (or fat) content of goat's milk as the reason goat's milk is great for rehydrating dry skin. Lactobacillus (a good bacteria) is abundant in goat milk, which helps maintain a healthy bacteria balance on the skin. Rejuvenation and skin cancer prevention also top the list of reasons to try goat milk products (via Stylecraze). 

There are many benefits to using goat milk skincare products. Goat's milk is known to rehydrate, rejuvenate, and heal our skin. If you have acne, a rash, or severely dry skin, give goat milk products a try. Even if your skin is sensitive, you can experiment with a scentless brand. Peruse online for trusted brands or even check out your local farmer's market to find a brand to try. Your skin will certainly thank you.