Which Is Actually Better For Your Health: Baths Or Showers?

Do you prefer soaking in suds or being doused from above? Daily routine may inadvertently affect how we see bodycare. With societal presumptions aside, which is healthier, a bath or shower? So stands the great debate.

Personal preferences abound for cleansing the body's largest organ, the skin. A Harvard Health Publishing editor writes that after adolescence, social norms are the mainspring that pushes Americans to the bathroom each morning. Surprisingly, a blog post from Metrolina Dermatology notes that "Dermatologists almost universally agree that showering or bathing every day is neither necessary or ideal for most people." You heard it right. You can break from the beeline to shower every morning.

Caring for ourselves is a time to replenish and refresh outside of rigid routines. A time to pull away and be pampered. Washing every single day is not necessary, unless daily activities include sweating or encountering chemicals, excessive bacteria, or offensive odors. Surely soap companies would like to think otherwise. 

Lather, rinse, relax, repeat

Both options are healthy, according to Verv. Cold showers increase blood circulation, warm showers soothe muscles, and bathing equals instant relaxation. Every option has considerable pros and cons. Balance is key.

Any shower can transform to a 30-minute spa, yet grooming in the shower is the quickest way to get clean. The benefits extend beyond hygiene. According to Healthline, cold showers may treat depression and offer muscle tension relief. Showering early in the morning is a great way to wake the body and mind. Experts caution that using overly hot water may "deplete essential oils and lipids that help your skin" and scalp, says Bustle. Opt for a warm or partially cool shower for best results.

Daydreaming of a warm bubble bath? That's because bathing soothes skin conditions, balances pH levels, and improves sleep. Adding aromatic oils to soak in enhances bath time bliss. If quality time or touch is your love language, you're in luck. Blush gives great tips to pamper yourself while you bathe. However, bathing means particles of skin and dirt remain until they're sent down the drain. Turning on the shower head for a quick rinse before your bath would be optimal.

Hygiene how-tos are a proclivity broader than these two options. Showering and bathing are both effective. Doctors advise neither are required in excess. While cleaning your body is important, also be mindful that certain natural bacteria drives immunity. A soap overload can interrupt this delicate system.

Self-care and personal care will vary based on lifestyle. Choose what is best fitting for you, and rinse your worries away.