Why Some Donuts Don't Have To Be As Unhealthy As You Think

There are few things that bring more joy than a donut! They're fun, delicious, and remind us of simpler times. But are they healthy? Well, it's not like they would win a health contest between oatmeal or an apple anytime soon. Donuts may not be the healthiest option, but it would be wrong to treat all these scrumptious treats made from dough equally. Here are a few donut options you can choose that won't leave your waistline feeling as round and soft as well, a donut.

For some donut lovers, it might be all about the extra — the extra glaze, the extra sprinkles, and the extra jelly. What do these three have in common? Extra fat. If you're looking to satisfy your donut craving but not blow your healthy eating resolutions, then think simple. According to Shape, you could be nearly doubling up on the amount of calories, fat, and carbs if you choose the specialty drizzled caramel and bacon bit confection over a simple plain glazed donut. Depending on its size, the classic plain glazed choice has between 190 to 480 calories, 22 to 56 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 to 27 grams of fat.

Dunkin' Donuts has heard your health concerns

Popular fast food chain Dunkin Donuts can be found all over most parts of the U.S. and is leaning into their customer's desire for healthier alternatives. Insider reports that they have introduced a DD smart choice menu that allows you to enjoy a donut sans the writhing stomach pains of guilt. On this menu, you will find donuts called Munchkins — basically a shrunken version of a regular donut. But at 70 calories each, you can still dunk your donut (or should we say Munchkin) in your coffee and move about your day without feeling like you've been dragged against your will into a donut-induced sluggishness.

A great way to choose one of the healthier options is to ask the donut expert behind the counter how it was made, shares Shape. Fried donuts over the baked twin version are often higher in calories. And donuts typically made with yeast over cake batter are airier in texture and boast fewer calories.

We can't outright claim that even the healthiest selections of donuts are "healthy" options. But we can say it is all about moderation. So if you do want the most colorful, Instagram-worthy, jelly-filled, cereal-topped creation of a donut the bakery has to offer, then go ahead and order it! But at least consider splitting it with a friend.