What Bethenny Frankel's Diet Really Looks Like

Bethenny Frankel is a reality TV star turned business mogul. And frankly, we feel like we need to take a nap after hearing about how many projects she's got herself invested in. Perhaps one of her most famous endeavors was becoming the founder and face of the lifestyle brand, Skinnygirl. Women's Health tells us she sold the cocktail part of the company in 2011. But she still needs to keep up her healthy eating habits to maintain the energy to manage the rest of the Skinnygirl empire. Here's what and how Frankel likes to eat in order to stay healthy.

You'll likely never see this mother of one discussing what current diet she is on. "I'm old enough to know that fat-free was a craze, low-carb, eat your weight in meat and cheese was a phase, keto is a fad, the Zone was a moment, and so on ... so yes, I eat carbs. I eat everything, but I don't binge," she tells Good Housekeeping.

Frankel treats her diet like a bank account

Frankel goes on to share with Good Housekeeping, "What I eat has no consistency." 

"Today, it was an egg white vegetable omelet with a baked potato and a few french fries for lunch. Sometimes, it's arugula with tomato, avocado, and Parmesan. Pureed soups are a mainstay for me."

For someone who doesn't believe in fad diets, Frankel decided to do what any energetic business woman/game changer would do and enter the diet market herself. She created a decidedly non-fad but still fad-sounding eating plan called The Naturally Thin diet. And it's only fitting that the former Real Housewives of New York reality star turned entrepreneur treats her diet like a bank account. In WebMD's review of her published eating plan, she teaches how you can "splurge," "save," and "balance" with food and calories. Frankel also gives 10 rules to losing weight and believes you can eat whatever you want — but in small tastes instead of the whole plate.

Frankel's admirable physique definitely embodies her Skinnygirl and Naturally Thin business ventures. And we can only guess that her healthy eating habits are the reason for that incredible amount of energy she touts as well.