The Surprising Way Your Relationship Status Changes Your Taste Buds

Have you ever been dating someone new and were crushed to find out they don't share your die-hard love of sweets? Or you discovered that they only eat eggs when they're scrambled, while sunny-side-up is your speciality in the kitchen? Don't write this off as a deal-breaker just yet, because we have some good news to share. Your partner's taste buds, as well as your own, can change over time towards food choices that are a little more in sync.

According to a study outlined in Appetite journal, it was found that one's taste and smell preferences can actually change over time to become more like their partner's (via Pure Wow). The 100 couples that acted as participants in the study had relationship lengths ranging from three months to 45 years. Researchers tracked the couple's responses to smell and flavor, and concluded that the longer two people had been together, the more similar their food preferences were.

A shared fridge encourages similar food preferences

So why is this? It's hard to believe that vanilla ice cream devotees would suddenly start ordering mint chocolate chip out of nowhere! However, the study's conclusion detailed a reasonable explanation as to why this could happen. Researchers shared via Pure Wow that, "As partners share a household (including kitchen and fridge) and a significant proportion of meals, they are much more likely to eat similar types of food," they explain. When new ingredients and new dishes suddenly become the norm in your home and on your plate, your taste preferences can also start to naturally shift towards this new normal over time.

This is great news for those in relationships. While some of your tried-and-true favorite snacks may best remain enjoyed alone, just hang in there. According to further findings in this study, there could come a time when your partner may ask to indulge too.