Wearing This Color Makes You Less Attractive To Men

First date jitters can have us standing in front of our closets for hours wondering what to wear. You might want to try out your favorite lacy top and pair it with that amazing skirt you just got on sale. Or perhaps you're leaning toward the dress that seems to have you showered in compliments every time you leave the house in it. It's totally up to you (and perhaps the three best friends you've called on Facetime) what you decide to wear. But could we be so bold as to offer a helpful hint? It may be best to steer clear from the color yellow.

Now this may sound harsh. Yellow is a great color that reminds many of us of warmer days, catch-ups over iced coffee, and walks in the park. But according to Best Life, statistics have shown that men haven't quite warmed up to this warm hue. In a 2013 poll taken to find out  the best colors to wear on a date, the results were clear. Yellow was ranked the least favorite by men. A whooping 39 percent of the polled men said they were likely to be "put off" if their date wore the color yellow.

And it isn't just the men

Before we can start casting judgment on the males for not loving such a cheery color, it appears women were also put off by potential partners sporting yellow attire. In a study from Evolutionary Psychology, conducted to find what colors men and women were most attracted to on the opposite sex, yellow was ranked second to last, after white, in shades women found least attractive on men.

This may sound like we're putting too much emphasis on color instead of connection. But George Charles of vouchercodespro.co.uk explains via Yahoo about how much first impressions really matter. "Whilst it may well be considered fickle to base the odds of a second date with someone on the color they choose to wear upon an initial meeting, the fact is that we make our primary assessments of potential partners extremely quickly," he says. Adding, "It is human nature to want to find faults and imperfections within these individuals in order to protect ourselves from hurt later down the road."

After reading this, don't go and throw out your favorite mustard yellow top or sunflower yellow minidress. Perhaps just save them for warmer-day, iced-coffee-fueled dates with friends instead.