The Real Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

When someone says "pass me the salt", you expect it to be white, right? Well, pink Himalayan salt has taken the limelight as a sought-after substance believed to work wonders in restoring health. We decided to dig into the claims to find out.

Salt has been professed as the rogue cause of illnesses like heart disease and hypertension, that result from its overconsumption. Ironically, our bodies require salt to retain hydration (via WebMD). Although Himalayan salt has separate benefits than table salt, experts say the results may be similar (via Healthline).

The genesis of pink Himalayan salt is from caves in, you guessed it, the Himalayas. This salt is one of the purest on earth. Himalayan pink salt was created naturally from seawater deposits millions of years ago (via NDTV Food). The lively pink effect comes from the compound iodine oxide. Comparable to table salt — which tends to have more iodine — Himalayan salt is naturally rich in small amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc (via WebMD). Common claims say Himalayan salt is healthier because it ostensibly balances pH levels and boosts libido. However, all those claims require further study to prove.

Do the benefits add up?

In efforts to dispel the myths, let's look at what we do know of this imported salt. It is unprocessed. If you fancy organic seasonings, no chemical cleansing happens before this salt hits the market. On the contrary, Medical News Today says table salt undergoes processing to add iodine. Studies have shown halotherapy eases asthma and respiratory symptoms, and resting in Himalayan salt spa rooms can improve lung healing propensity. Salt is an eminent rejuvenator. Using salt as a skin exfoliant or taking brine baths is advised by Integrative Medicine of NJ for soothing. Parkview Wellness adds that pink Himalayan salt activates enzymes in the body and "aids the intestinal tract and the liver in performing their digestive functions." In other words, it acts as a natural laxative.

Other customary uses of pink Himalayan salt are topical and even decorative. MindBodyGreen writes about the benefits of glowy salt lamps for your home or workspace (even better if they're one and the same). Get creative and use pink salt for a crafty DIY project if you like organic exfoliants, per Mama Instincts. Himalayan salt bath bombs help relax your body and mind after a long day, according to Wildly Organic.

Pink Himalayan salt is completely organic and undergoes no processing. When used in moderation, pink Himalayan salt has comparably the same amount of health benefits as table salt, while it is a multipurpose solution. If you have a medical condition, speak with your doctor before adding more salt to your diet. Be sure to always sprinkle in moderation.