What It Really Means When Your Breath Smells Like Metal

If you've recently received some less than flattering feedback that your breath smells like metal, or you can smell it yourself, then there could be a simple explanation. According to WebMD, a metallic taste in your mouth or breath smell is often temporary and will clear up on its own. But until then, you might want to figure out what could be the cause of this unusual smell.

The easiest thing you can start with is to assess your oral hygiene and habits. Oftentimes, a lingering metallic taste or metal-scented breath could be due to an issue inside the mouth, says Healthline. Both gum diseases periodontitis and gingivitis, as well as an infected tooth, can cause a metallic smell to your breath. If you're suspecting any of these oral hygiene conditions to be the source of the sudden unnatural metal taste and smell, then make an appointment with your dentist to further investigate your hunch.

If you've ruled out any oral conditions, then you could have a look at your medications and supplements and check if there is one that is known to cause breath to smell like metal. Many antibiotics and multivitamins packed with minerals can cause metallic-smelling breath. Those, and medications for depression, the heart, and gout.

It could be a sign of a more serious condition

Though it is unusual, your metallic-smelling breath could be the sign of a more serious condition, notes Cleveland Clinic. Upper respiratory infections, certain cancers, diabetes, and kidney or liver problems have all been known to leave the taste of metal in your mouth.

Though it is likely to disappear after a short while on its own, you might be still bothered or self-conscious by the metal tinge to your breath. Luckily, there are things you can do as you work to get to the bottom of why the smell occurred in the first place. WebMD recommends brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day, drinking plenty of water, and chewing sugar-free gum to help with the severity of the scent.

We wish you luck on your quest to find out why your breath has suddenly started smelling like the unusual scent of metal. Until then, keep your oral hygiene habits worthy of bragging over, and a water bottle close by.