The Truth About The Shibboleth Diet

The Shibboleth diet is a wellness and weight-loss program that provides its followers with a blend of resources, support, and faith to propel results. The website describes the Shibbeloth diet as a "Weight-loss, Wellness, Winning" secret. However, "secret" seems to be a key word, considering the lack of details provided as to what the plan actually entails. The website states the Shibboleth is "a behavior modification program that helps each person with a willing and wanting heart improve themselves daily."

There is a standard letter provided for potential dieters to share with their doctors, which urges them to work together for optimal health results. The letter includes a starter shopping list with a variety of foods to choose from, including fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Included is a daily water recommendation of 60-128 ounces, dependent on medical restrictions. The letter asks that doctors work closely with their patients, stay connected through the program, and states, "We want your patient to engage in weekly classes and get involved with others on the program. Shibboleth is about community, not isolation." 

How the Shibboleth program began

Based on founder Travis Martin's personal weight-loss and wellness experiences, the premise of the program is teaching followers "how to combine everyday foods in such a way that you target and remove unwanted body fat easily and permanently." Martin shares that his passion for helping others with their own weight-loss and wellness goals stems from how he was treated as a child. 

At only 29 years old, Martin was overweight and taking medications for high blood pressure, acid reflux, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. This experience compelled him to make changes to his lifestyle. Martin states that "After a bad report from my doctor and Holy Spirit conviction falling on me, I decided to make a change." Implementing what he calls "daily disciplines," he lost over 100 pounds in under six months.

According to Everyday Health, in 2005 Martin began giving guided grocery store tours for free. This venture prompted him to start Thrive Weight Loss, a successful company that he claims on his site to have given away because he felt called to do more of God's work. He then went on to create Shibboleth, a wellness ministry that puts Christ first, as a partner and CEO of the company. 

Benefits of the Shibboleth diet

While there is not much scientific research on the food or fitness aspects to this plan, there are some benefits Shibboleth that we are aware of. Encouraging doctor-patient communication is a positive aspect of this plan, and any non-medical program that promotes building that relationship between client and healthcare provider is worth a look.

Furthermore, the program claims to include many tools and resources with its membership, such as classes, unlimited personal coaching, food guides, recipes, fitness routines, and even a rewards program. The program states everything required can be purchased in a grocery store (another plus) and there are no suggested "shots, pills, potions, or wraps."

Shibboleth is a ministry that is built on community and support, which has been shown to increase the chances of maintaining weight-loss (via Everyday Health). A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 2016 found that people who felt socially supported had better success with their diets and lifestyle choices. 

Finally, there appears to be a large community of Shibboleth fans, as Travis Martin's Weight Loss Ministry Facebook page has nearly 70,000 likes. You can find countless success stories on the Travis Martin TV wesite.