Only 10% Of People Think This Is The Best Remedy For A Hangover

A night out can be a kind of cure-all by itself. Boredom and loneliness really can't hold up against a good night with friends. The morning after, however, is a whole different story. Hangovers can be worse than whatever sent you out on the town to begin with. But the worst part is that they're not easy to shake.

That's probably why there are about as many hangover cures as there are bottles behind the bar. And just as many ways to mix them. Some of them are a one-two hit of grease and carbs while others are crazy concoctions that are handed down like cherished family recipes. And then there are the cures that seem to reign supreme in movies and on television shows.

No matter what cure they prefer, people are incredibly loyal to their chosen method. Which is why we at Health Digest wanted to see which methods our readers preferred. We put out a poll asking people which hangover option they thought worked best.

Over 500 people chose from one of eight different options, including a wellness shot, Pedialyte, water, aspirin, coffee, a cold shower, and the option of "other" where they could write in their own answer.

Ultimately, most of the answers ranked around where we expected, with the exception of one. It turns out that Hollywood may want to rethink their writing if most people agree with our readers. The favorite go-to hangover remedy in most movies (aspirin) nabbed a measly 10 percent of the vote.

A hard pill to swallow

If movies are to be believed, an aspirin and a little time is the only cure you need for a hangover., a news and media group in Cleveland, Ohio, seconds this advice in an article, and suggests that people with hangovers should take an aspirin with some water and go back to bed for about an hour, so the drug has time to work. When you wake up, they say, your headache won't be as bad. The site specifically recommends aspirin in these cases and warns that other drugs, like acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) can be dangerous when you're drunk or hungover. Since your liver is busy processing the alcohol, it can't properly process acetaminophen which can result in inflammation or, worse, permanent liver damage.

But only 10% of our readers think aspirin is the perfect hangover cure. Perhaps it's because other sources echo the caution against acetaminophen but warn against aspirin too. Men's Health suggests skipping the pain killer entirely, at least at first. Since aspirin can upset your stomach, especially if you take it before you eat, they suggest skipping it. That's not exactly ideal for someone already nauseous from a hangover. The Mayo Clinic seconds this warning and takes their explanation a step further. They explain that alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach, so when you throw in aspirin on top of that, you might end up feeling worse.

Ultimately the experts sided with our readers on the best hangover cure: Water. In fact, nearly 40% of survey-goers chose water as the remedy that works best when you've had too much to drink. Rehydrating is the best thing you can do for a hangover, but remember to take it slow so you're going easy on your stomach.