What Is Hair Training And Does It Really Work?

Hair training is the act of training your hair to be less greasy by washing it less frequently. Also known as scalp training, hair training entails cutting back on the use of shampoo, which often contains additives that dry out your hair and increase the production of oil, or sebum, from your scalp (via Healthline). When too much sebum is secreted, it can build up in your roots, causing your hair to become greasy.

While there is some skepticism among experts about whether or not hair training actually works, shampooing your hair less often certainly won't damage or dry out your hair. How often you wash and shampoo your hair is a personal choice that will not be the same for everyone, but it's a good rule of thumb not to wash your hair more than five times per week. Shampooing your hair too often can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave both your hair and your scalp feeling dry.

How to make your hair less greasy

If you have greasy hair and are looking for ways to reduce the buildup of oil in your hair, you can try switching up your routine by finding a new shampoo that won't disrupt your scalp's pH balance (via Allure). Using clarifying shampoos without any harsh chemicals or detergents can help prevent your scalp from drying out and overproducing sebum. "Finding the right shampoo and using the right products will help to control [oil production]," Erickson Arrunategui, a hairstylist from New York City, told Allure. "Switch to a regular shampoo that does not have oils built-in."

Once you find the right shampoo for you, you can gradually begin washing your hair less and less frequently. You can start off by washing and shampooing your hair every day, then every two days, then every three days, etc. After a month or so, your scalp should start producing less sebum in between washes.