Avocados Or Apples: Which Has More Calories?

Avocados and apples are both fruits that contain many health benefits. Avocados are known for having a high fat content while apples pack a lot of natural sugar. So which has more calories? Let's break down the nutritional information of each one.

According to Everyday Health, one medium-sized avocado (136 grams) contains about 228 calories. It also has 13.4 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids. This high fat content is what gives avocados a relatively high calorie amount compared to other fruits. However, monounsaturated fatty acids are known as "good fats" and are an important part of your diet.

Avocados contain plenty of other nutrients to set your mind at ease about their calorie count. One avocado contains about 15 percent of the potassium you're supposed to get in a day. They also contain vitamins C, K, B, E, and A. This fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, offering 12 grams per avocado. Dietary fiber can help aid in weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

This fruit can be enjoyed plain, smashed on toast, diced and thrown into salads, or blended into a smoothie.

Apples share similarities with avocados but have some key differences

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the United States. They come in many varieties and range from super sweet to slightly sour. According to Healthline, one medium apple (100 grams) has about 52 calories. Unlike avocados, apples contain very little fat (0.2 grams in one medium apple). While avocados don't have much sugar, one medium-sized apple has 10.4 grams of sugar and 13.8 grams of carbohydrates. But even though they are high in sugar, apples have a low glycemic index and shouldn't spike blood sugar levels when eaten.

Apples are also high in fiber, just like avocados. One medium-sized apple contains about 17 percent of your recommended daily value of this nutrient. This can help keep you full and improve digestion. Apples also contain vitamin C and potassium.

It's clear that avocados contain more calories than apples. However, both fruits have many health benefits and should be incorporated into your diet when possible.