When You Wear Tight Clothing Every Day, This Is What Happens

We've all done it in the name of fashion or out of necessity, but it's no secret — wearing clothes that are too tight can be uncomfortable. But the discomfort of wearing tight clothing may be more problematic than you think.

Experts say wearing tight clothing on a regular basis can have a negative impact on your health long-term. Tight clothing can affect digestive health by suppressing your lymphatic system, and can cause nerve issues due to compression (via Lifehack). Restrictive undergarments can cause acid reflux issues, resulting in heartburn and ulcers. The diaphragm's function can also be affected by overly snug clothing, which means your breathing capabilities can be hampered.

The lymphatic system can also become affected by clothing, as your lymph nodes cover your neck to your lower limbs. The lymphatic system is important to your immune system because it helps your body dispose of toxins — and when you wear tight clothing, you may be hampering the body's ability to process those toxins.

How tight clothing can affect your health

There are also issues that tight clothing can cause for your skin. The rubbing of fabric can irritate the outermost layer of your skin, which provides protection from harmful germs, experts tell Cosmopolitan. Skintight clothing can also make you more sweaty, which increases the risk for a host of different kinds of skin infections. This also goes for leggings, being the closest item to your skin, they're more easily able to absorb sweat and oil.

Additionally, tight pants such as skinny jeans can present problems of their own. Leg and thigh pain, as well as nerve damage and reduction of blood flow, can all occur due to compression. You may also feel numbness if your jeans are so tight that they begin to affect your circulation. Looser fitting jeans can help remedy these issues.

So should you toss out all of your tight clothing? Wearing tight clothing in general and on occasion will typically be fine for your health. But remember, part of looking good is feeling good, so choosing clothes that are a good fit for your body can be both a fashionable choice and a wise health decision.