Why You Should Stop Opening Things With Your Teeth

What does a vending machine, a frozen pizza, and a candy bar at the check-out aisle in the grocery store all have in common? They're all convenient. Unfortunately, the most convenient choices aren't always the best for our health. This is especially true when it comes to habits, like when we use our teeth to open packaging in place of scissors. Sure, when the scissors have disappeared into the black hole of your junk drawer, your choppers become a tempting alternative to rip open that plastic quickly and efficiently. But before you sink your teeth in, we urge you to find another way.

According to WebMD, your teeth should be used as tools for eating and nothing more. Chomping down on plastic wrapping or using them to pop off bottle caps increases the chances that your teeth will break or crack. That alone should be enough to convince you to have another go at finding those lost scissors.

Consider other options before you bite down

A cracked tooth can lead to spending unnecessary time and money at the dentist. According to experts at Clark Family Dental, opening plastic packages with sharp edges can also lead to painful cuts. In addition to a mouth filled with blood, tearing open a tightly sealed package, like a bag of chips or a new toothbrush, can strain your jaw or even result in jaw dislocation.

Most plastic packaging requires scissors, a razor, or a knife to open. But when it comes to opening glass bottles sans a bottle opener, it might be time to get creative and bust out the party tricks instead of using your teeth. We get that a bottle cap is the only thing standing in the way between you and that first refreshing sip of a beverage, but don't let impatience lead to a potential injury. If a bottle opener is not around (as they often end up in that same black hole as the scissors), Drew's Dental experts suggest popping the bottle top with another bottle or a coin. Your teeth will be saved and a party trick will be practiced.

It is in our nature to opt for the most convenient choices in life. But when it comes to our teeth, see them as tools for eating rather than replacements for scissors or bottle openers.