Who Is Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby?

Peloton skyrocketed in popularity in 2020. According to People, the home fitness company grew to 3 million subscribers during the height of the pandemic. This explosion of growth was fantastic for the business, as well as for the instructors, many of them reaching celebrity status seemingly overnight. Today's instructor in the spotlight is Cody Rigsby.

The 33-year-old fitness guru has been with Peloton for years, long before the pandemic hit — seven years to be exact. Still appearing to have as much energy as he did from day one, he goes on in his interview with People to say, "I try to strive to really show up every time that I teach a class and be like, 'How can I make this the best class I can today?' "

According to Peloton's website, Rigsby is a formal professional dancer, striving to bring energy and authenticity to everything he does. Rigsby's career as a dancer may be a thing of the past, but he has definitely made it a part of his current day job.

Rigsby isn't just a Peloton instructor

"I think that when I was a dancer, I was developing skills that were going to help me here," explains Rigsby to People. "If you take my class, I'm a stickler for musicality — I want the push to go on the beat drop, and I want it to feel like the music," he says. 

Seven years is a long time with any company, and it appears Rigsby has used his time wisely and is rapidly climbing up the ranks. Not only is he a popular Peloton instructor, but he is also the company's cycling director. "I'm kind of a liaison between our producers, our instructors, and really advocating for what our instructors need," he explains. He adds, "And then a really big part of what I do is talent recruitment and development."

And like many other Peloton instructors, Rigsby is hopping on the profitable endorsement train. His Instagram shows he is an endorser of Smart Sweets candy, Wonderworks Keto-Friendly cereal, and Chobani yoghurt.

We're excited by both Rigsby's side hustle as well as his work with Peloton. As an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Rigsby is expanding the hearts, minds, and physical health of those around him (via Vogue).