The Best Pressure Points To Help With Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you know how debilitating and stubborn they can be. Because the exact cause of migraines is not yet known, it can be difficult to treat them (via Healthline). One non-traditional way to stop or reduce the pain is through acupressure or acupuncture.

Acupressure involves applying pressure to certain points on the body with the hands. With acupuncture, a small needle is used to stimulate pressure points. While a professional is needed for acupuncture, you can practice acupressure on yourself. With acupressure, the idea is to apply gentle circular pressure to specific areas of the body for 15 to 30 seconds, repeating several times (via Insider). 

In some cases, you can apply direct pressure to the area where the pain is located in your head. For instance, if you have pain near the top or sides of your head, you can apply pressure to your temples. Likewise, experts at Medical News Today suggest if there is pain near the bottom of your head, you might try applying pressure to the base of your skull. To find this area, interlace your fingers and rest them on the back of your head. Find the indentations at the base of your skull and apply pressure with your thumbs. Additional suggestions include applying pressure to the space between the eyebrows with one finger or where the top of the nose meets the eyebrows with your thumbs to relieve pain near the eyes.

Ear, hand, and foot pressure points

Experts at Healthline say that other pressure points on the body can also be used to combat migraine pain. For example, the ear has three pressure points. The ear gate, where the top of the ear meets the temple; the daith, the cartilage located above the ear canal; and the apex of the ear, which is at the tip of the ear. The feet also have pressure points. One of these spots is the area between your first and second toe. Another is on the top of the foot about an inch down from the area between the fourth and fifth toes.

The fleshy area between the thumb and the forefinger is also a pressure point. You can try slightly pinching this area of the hand that is on the same side of your headache (via Insider).

Some research suggests that acupressure can relieve certain symptoms associated with migraines. A review conducted in 2020 showed that acupressure might be more effective than medication when it comes to reducing the number of migraines experienced. While more research is needed, acupressure appears to be a safe migraine treatment for most people.