Who Is Peloton Instructor Jess Sims?

If you've ever joined one of Peloton's classes led by instructor Jess Sims, you likely witnessed the confidence in every move she makes. That's because this natural athlete has been a leader since before she could even legally drive.

According to the Jess Sims website, the butt-kicking fitness instructor was captain of her lacrosse, soccer, and basketball teams in high school. Once she graduated from college, she began working as a teacher and then eventually ended up right in the principal's seat. She may have climbed the ranks in the field of education, but she couldn't forget her first love of fitness. After leaving the principal's office for good, she went on to teach a variety of fitness classes including boxing and HIIT, and she snagged a few partnerships with Nike and Asics along the way.

When asked what she took from her classroom instruction days that translated into teaching fitness classes, Sims told Forbes, "Adults are just taller children! And sometimes not even that much taller. Everything translates over."

Even Sims' sweaty ramblings have the power to become iconic catchphrases

It wasn't just the classroom that prepared Jess Sims for her current role as a Peloton instructor. She also credits the sport she loved most growing up. When discussing her past with Well+Good, she mused, "If I reflect back, I realize how much started for me on the basketball court. Not only did it help me develop a close relationship with my father, but it also really helped me learn skills that I preach in my Peloton classes."

Whatever Sims took from her past in the classroom and on the court, it is clearly working. Even the things she says while rambling on the treadmill during a class become iconic catchphrases. She once stated that getting sweaty was the sexy way of giving yourself a "glazed donut look." That reference became so popular that it has since been made into merchandise fans can purchase on Etsy.

"I cannot be held responsible for the words that come out of my mouth while I'm running on a treadmill while talking," Sims told Forbes. She added, "Glazed donuts, well, I just love food. I love donuts, and I'm serious, when I get sweaty I look like a glazed donut, you could take a bite out of me."

Sims likes to splurge on the 'F's'

Her classes are burning countless calories and her words are sticking to the masses like glaze to a donut. How is she getting all the energy she needs to do this? "My food is primarily my fuel; it's what makes me feel good and energetic enough to tackle whatever I have to tackle," Sims told Women's Health. "My father always told me to splurge on the F's: your friends, family, feet, and food. For me, it's an investment. I have to use my body every day, so it's not worth it to save a couple of dollars but not perform as well."

Sims' abundant energy may be credited to her diet. But it is her teaching skills, leadership qualities, and athleticism that make her the perfect choice to represent the Peloton brand — and continue on as captain of her own life.