Why You Should Add Mountain Climbers To Your Workout Routine

During the pandemic, gym-goers all over the world were left to fend for themselves, and many rose to the challenge. From zoom classes and online personal trainers, to hiking and roller-skating, people made it work. And with the realization of how affordable exercise could be, nearly 60% of people claim they won't be renewing their gym memberships (via CNBC).

According to GQ, more people were forced to practice calisthenics during the lockdown, which is one of the best ways to get (and stay) in shape without equipment. One particular calisthenics move that will have your entire body screaming is the mountain climber. To perform a standard mountain climber, get down on the ground into plank position, ensure your spine is aligned, and bend one knee, bringing that leg into your chest. As you extend that leg back down, bring in the other leg and repeat (via VeryWell Fit). Continue this "running" motion as quickly as you can for your desired number of repetitions.

Mountain climbers will change your body

Mountain climbers are so effective because they're a full-body workout hitting the shoulders, arms, chest, hips, and legs. Because your legs are the primary mover in this exercise, your quads will really feel the burn! Where this exercise really shines, however, is the midsection. Like planks, mountain climbers utilize the core muscles to stabilize the entire body, giving your abs, and entire core area, a killer workout (via VeryWell Fit). 

This move can also be the backbone of an excellent HIIT cardio session, as it can get the heart pumping, strengthen the core, build agility, and burn calories. Cardio has been proven to benefit the cardiovascular system, and according to the American Heart Association, just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can reduce the risk of heart disease.

If you are a beginner or lack the time for longer workouts, clinical exercise physiologist Erik Van Iterson explains to the Cleveland Clinic that breaking up your workouts is ok. He says,  "...try three, 10-minute workouts, five or more days a week." Mountain climbers can also be modified in multiple ways to increase or decrease intensity. Altogether, adding mountain climbers into your weekly exercise routine is a win-win, as this move can help you stay healthy, lose weight, and build strength.