This Is What Kim Kardashian Does At The Gym

Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur, mom of four, and star of "Keeping up With the Kardashians," which recently concluded its final season. Additionally, she's well-known for her vigorous workout routine. According to Women's Health, she gets up before the sun and never skips a session. Kim prefers weight training over other workout options. She gets help from a skilled trainer, Melissa Alcantara, known on Instagram as fitgurlmel, who has an impressive fitness routine herself, as well as a workout app and a published book. 

Since both of their schedules are hectic, Alcantara and Kim work out at six in the morning doing mostly weight training (85%) and some cardio (15%). Kim's workouts are an hour to 90 minutes six times a week — no excuses. Alcantara says Kim never cancels a sweat session. 

In January 2021, Kim also announced that she and her sister Khloe started working out together in a "sister boot camp" consisting of two workouts a day and a plant-based diet for 30 days.  

Kim Kardashian's exercises

An important part of Kim Kardashian's workout is focused on her core — which is unsurprising if you've seen her abs! In Women's Health, Alcantara demonstrates the exercises she has Kim do: four sets of 12 to 20 lying leg lifts, reverse v-ups, and abs bicycles. 

Next up is the lower body, where Kim works out her butt and legs. According to Eat This, Not That!, she often uses weighted resistance bands for body weight exercises, and wears a weighted vest for squats. Screenshots from her Snapchat show examples of some of her other exercises: three sets of 10 bear crawls with an 8-pound medicine ball, 20 pike-ups with a stability ball, and some work with a battle rope (via Insider). When asked which exercise is best for a sculpted booty, Kim's trainer Alcantara chose weighted hip thrusts. Lately, Kim has also been into treadmill sprints (via People).

Though she works out six days a week, Kim does take rest days targeting certain muscles (via Eat This, Not That!). Lower body workouts are limited to twice a week for up to an hour and 45 minutes per session. She works her upper body and core in between. That gives her muscles time to rest and recover, which essential for growth and recovery.