The Best Time To Put On Deodorant Isn't What You Think

Before a blind date, a sweaty workout, or a nerve wracking public speaking event, you'd hate to find yourself without your deodorant. While most of us hit our armpits with a quick roll or two of deodorant in the mornings before heading out the door, research indicates this may actually be the most ineffective time to apply it.

Experts at global consumer product brand, Arm & Hammer, say that deodorants containing antiperspirant ingredients are best applied at nighttime — yes, you read that right. Lathering on your deodorant just before hitting the hay will allow your skin the time it needs to fully absorb the antiperspirant compounds that can easily get sweat off during more physically active waking hours.

So if we apply our deodorant before bedtime, does that mean we need to apply it again in the morning? Believe it or not, that nighttime application is really all you need.

You're better off applying your deodorant in the P.M. rather than the A.M.

According to Insider, most deodorant-antiperspirants are hard at work for as long as 48 hours after application. Therefore, unless you're in need of a little fragrance freshening up in the morning, that extra swipe is likely not necessary.

Experts at clinical strength antiperspirant product company, Dr. Sweat, share that dry pits are key. When our sweat glands are busy keeping us cool during the day, they're not able to take in the ingredients in our deodorant that prevent sweating in the first place. At night, when both we and our sweat glands are snoozing, there is no longer that barrier of moisture preventing the antiperspirant from being fully absorbed into our underarm pores.

When applied at night, our deodorants are better able to combat sweating the following day. Even more good news, these benefits hold up for night-sweaters as well.