How Your Appearance Will Change When You Quit Drinking Alcohol

For many, the effects of late night boozing and one too many glasses of wine are noticeable. "Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin," says New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez to Vogue. Adding, "I always joke with my patients, 'If you want to get older, go ahead and drink." Yes, the sallow skin and puffy eyes may be the price you pay for weekly happy hour. But what happens when you decide to quit drinking alcohol?

As it turns out, both your liver and your skin will be praising your decision. According to Eating Well, laying off the sauce will help keep your skin hydrated. "Less water in the body leads to some immediate and visible effects, including dry and more wrinkled skin, red cheeks, eczema and blood-shot eyes," says  David Greuner, a surgical director at NYC Surgical Associates to Eating Well. He adds, "With the avoidance of alcohol and proper hydration, your skin should soon return to its normal healthy state." That sure is a relief to hear the damage done by our former love for Cosmos can be repaired. 

The longer you are sober, the better your skin will become

Curious about how long you'll wait before you start to see a noticeable change from when you set down your last empty glass? Luckily, the restoration is almost immediate. According to Insider, your liver will be working overtime from one hour after your last sip of that gin and tonic to rid your body of harmful toxins. After one week of sobriety, your skin will look more dehydrated and restored. After a month, you might start to see some truly visible differences in your skin's texture and less swelling. 

And after a year of zero happy hours? "Over one year of not drinking alcohol, your liver will be healthier and better at detoxifying your body," says Tess Mauricio, CEO of, to Insider. Adding, "The healthier you are, the more beautiful your skin looks, so our skin will be more healthy and glowing."

Our skin may see the biggest and brightest improvement after choosing to be sober. But according to Eating Well, you're likely going to be fitting in your skinny jeans with more ease, and notice that your quality of sleep has improved when you choose to skip a nightly night cap. All of these wonderful "side effects" of passing on margarita Mondays and thirsty Thursdays are encouraging. The added bonus of knowing you no longer have to deal with those day-destroying hangovers is just a happy bonus.